Closing Conference Proceedings

The Closing Conference of the project
Visuality & Mathematics

Belgrade, Serbia, September 17–19, 2014

ISBN: 978-615-5297-26-7

Technical editor: Tibor Tómács

Published by Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, Hungary

Printed by Kvíz ’96 Nyomdaipari és Kereskedelmi Kft., Felsőtárkány, Hungary

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Full papers
felsDo my eyes believe what my ears can hear?
by L. Burm, pp. 15-20
felsThe Golden Section Puzzle® in math education
by Gy. Darvas, pp. 21-25
felsProblem Solving with Hands-on and Digital Tools: Connecting Origami and GeoGebra in Mathematics Education
by K. Fenyvesi, N. Budinski, Zs. Lavicza, pp. 25-38
felsDe Divino Errore
by D. Huylebrouck, pp. 39-44
felsSinister models
by D. Huylebrouck, pp. 45-64
felsDeveloping Algorithmic Thinking Using Crocheting Patterns as Educational Tool
by M. Ž. Ilic, I. Ðokic, L. Wieser, pp. 65-74
felsPerception of Space in Painting
by S. Jablan, L. Radovic, pp. 75-82
felsFractal structures in architectural high school
by M. Jeretin, J. Manojlovic, M. Maric, pp. 83-90
felsExtreme Values of Function in GeoGebra Style
by V. Kostic, T. Sekulic, pp. 91-96
felsEmpathy in Teacher Education – Generating Motivational Attitudes Collaborations between arts & mathematics
by R. Mateus-Berr, L. Radovic, K. Zivkovic, pp. 97-112
felsGalilean geometry of the plane
by D. Pavlovic, N. Nikolic, pp. 113-120
felsVisual Mathematics in Education
by L. Radovic, S. Jablan, pp. 121-136
felsDiscovering the Living Body of Mathematics in Real Life
by A. Rogerson, pp. 137-142
felsMathematical Workshops, Learning and Popularization of Mathematics
by T. Sekulic, V. Kostic, pp. 143-150
felsPlatoground-game that connect teaching mathematics and physical education
by T. Stankovic, L. Djuretanovic, N. Rankovic, pp. 151-156
felsVisualization of fractional calculus
by D. Takaci, L. Korenova, pp. 157-162
felsMathematical modeling of Illusions
by Ð. Takaci, S. Zdravkovic, S. Rapajic, pp. 163-167
Educational tools of teachers
felsSierpinski triangle and pyramid
by K. Ivanovic, pp. 170-178
felsAxial reflection and plane mirror reflection in analytic geometry
by Z. Marinkovic, B. Stojicic, pp. 179-188
felsCharacteristics of Quadrilaterals and Treasure Hunt
by M. R. Mitic, pp. 189-194
felsPlato solids — lesson plan that connects mathematics to ecology, electrical engineering and economy
by T. Stankovic, L. Djuretanovic, N. Rankovic, pp. 195-200
felsMathematical modeling in teaching
by V. K. Terjeskova, pp. 201-208
felsAngle-a-trons (angle models made of paper)
by A. Trickovic, pp. 209-214
felsGolden Ratio
by B. Vesna, pp. 215-216
by S. V. Jablan
Artists & Artists Collaboratives: G. Funk, M. Gross Meinhart, H. M. Heiss, U. Kühn, S. Leinhos, M. Licina, J. Monaco, L. F. S. P. Rodrigues, A. Simic, J. Szász, R. Wild, Project Password (Daniel Thomas Moran, Lei Feng, Ruth Mateus Berr, Moje Menhardt, Radmila Sazdanovic, Herta Tinchon, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer, Gerald Wenzl), Sama Mara, Lee Westwood, Andreas Karaoulanis, Patrick K.-H.