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Schedule (Updated: 8, July)

There will also be a "Family Day" event on Saturday July 19th which will be held at the sports and recreation center "25th of May", which is located at the same location as Metropolitan University. There will be an open workshops for all ages. The day will be full of interesting activities to provide a unique experience for lovers of science and art.

15:00: Laszlo Voros, Hungary, architect. A specialist in the use of the world's popular Zoomtool, will build a 5m high structure based on DNA structure.

16:00: Dirk Huylebrouck, Belgium, mathematician, With the help of visitors will make a great Sierpinski structure with the help of balloons and a fractal tree.

17.00 Rinus Roelofs, Netherlands, sculptor, A specialist in the field of art based on mathematics. Together with visitors will build the so-called. Leonardo dome of 1200 pieces of wood measuring 7 × 7 meters.

18:00: Slavik Jablan, Serbia, mathematician. Expert in knot theory, who is already engaged in a visual mathematics. He will show how to create a maze-type puzzle-plate modules, in which you can navigate.

Workshops related to visual mathematics will also be held at the same time. During the workshop, participants will be able to get answers to questions such as how to make origami jewelry, how can I take advantage of Op-TH for the construction of various ornaments, how to make a polyhedral structure puzzle, how is it possible to create a visual illusion of cubes using a 2D image (inspired by the mosaic tiles at Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade), how to read and write secret messages with the help of mirrors, how to make works of art based on geometric shapes, how to connect analytic geometry with geometric pictures made of rope, what does knitting have to do with math, how to make magic squares, and what does this have to do with melancholy.

"Family Day" will be held on Saturday July 19 and is open to all interested visitors. We invite you to visit the event, which is open and accessible to all.