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Sint-Lucas School of Architecture is known as the largest school for Architecture in Belgium. It has two campuses, one in Brussels (since 1887) and one in Ghent (since 1862).

Sint-Lucas School of Architecture offers degrees in Interior Design (professional bachelor), Interior Architecture (academic bachelor and master), Architecture (academic bachelor and master) and Urban Planning & Spatial Design (academic master). The Department of Architecture has an average of 1800 students and 250 staff members.

Sint-Lucas School of Architecture is an international, dynamic, learning environment that not only responds to society’s ever-changing demands but also anticipates to possible future challenges. By means of design projects, research, exhibitions, publications, conferences, etc., the school actively participates in the academic debate on issues of spatial design.

The School’s international activities are extensive and diversified: student mobility and staff exchange on a European and intercontinental level, an internationally oriented English-taught Master program in Architecture, international workshops, international research projects, international internships, development cooperation etc.

To be able to offer high level education in an academic environment, research and its interaction with education are crucial. Research at Sint-Lucas has since long been developed in line with the profile of the curricula. It offers an intellectual framework and the concomitant resources which develop front-end knowledge, especially in relation to designing. A specific task is to create a research climate that both permits diversity and aims for cohesion, in open communication and with productive interactions with international research partners.


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Campus Sint-Lucas Architecture Ghent
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